Project Supervision by BAAR Consulting

BAAR Consulting especially takes care of a complete integration of project management into client´s management concept. Project Supervision supports customers and general project management in realizing projects throughout all operational phases. Basic definition Project Supervision is an instrument for neutral and independent execution of customer functions in technical, commercial und legal aspects according to § 31 HOAI. Tasks and performance of project supervising by BAAR Consulting Support of customers and chief project managers during project realisation within each of 5 operational phases:

  1. Project preparing: strategical planning, evaluation of basics, contractional layout

  2. Planning: Pre-design, main design and final planning

  3. Task preparation: Implementation planning, preparation of order placing, support in placing

  4. Realisation: Project monitoring

  5. Project termination: Finishing, Documentation/Report

within operational sectors A) Organisation, information, coordination, documentation B) Quality and quantity C) Costs and finances D) Terms and capacities

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