Project Leadership

Conducting of projects by BAAR Consulting

BAAR Consulting regards project management as an integrated system of general project management, project supervising and project controlling. In this context the chief project manager has a defined leadership. He is responsible for the compliance with quality, costs and time limits. To ensure functional and technical leadership of projects he is provided with widespread competences: Directive competences: Setting project targets, coordination of contract arranging, supervising of contract performance between client and supplier, general guidelines for quality ensurance in planning, construction and proceeding Priority competences: Building a structural project plan with fixed work packages and regulation of project proceedings Personnel competences: Development, leading and organisation of the project team, coordination of project members Cost competences: Budget-fixing and supervising, budget-responsibility, cost monitoring , accounting control Special tasks of chief project manager:

  • Checking integrity and clearness of contract basics

  • Allocation of work within project team

  • Conducting and target-focused motivation of project staff

  • Identification and controlling of critical path and factors based on target description

  • Definition of arrangements to handle target divergencies (change management)

  • Coordination of claim-management

  • Regulation of project documentation, reporting and information system

  • Conducting of contract awarding negotiation with planners, evaluators and suppliers

  • Supervising of project progress (costs, time base, resources)

  • Quality and performance control

  • Presentation of project in separate phases

  • Project termination together with client and supplier base

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