Project management

Project management principles of BAAR Consulting

Any project means an unique and widespread task, characterized by

  • Target setting

  • Time limit

  • Financial limit (project budget)

  • Factual restriction (to actual running business tasks)

Project management describes a leading instrument for target-focussed and efficient project performance. Its methods and tools ensure target-orientated and on-time project termination. By realizing extensive projects and regarding stronger competition and increasing price pressure a professional and straight project management is essential. BAAR Consulting regards project management as an integrated system of project leadership, project supervision and project controlling. Quality and partnership with the customer are regarded as a guideline by BAAR Consulting, they are self-evident for all staff members - quality obligates. BAAR Consulting especially takes care of a seamless integration into client´s management conception. Project supervision supports clients and chief project managers during all operational project phases. Operational acting project controlling ensures systematic application of project managing instruments and provides for on-time allocation of control informations for executives and authorized persons. It causes transparency of costs and output.

Pro-active project controlling also contains risk and chance management - so it contributes basicly to economic improvement and coverage of projects.

An open-minded, inter-sectoral, reliable communication with continuous feed-back of results is outstanding important for BAAR Consulting. Identification with project structures and cultures of the client´s organisation and integration towards his management concept is indispensable.

Sustainability of project management is particularly important to BAAR Consulting - continuous project-attendant support instead of temporary tasks, long-term succes-focus face to face with cooperation partners.

BAAR Consulting stands for greatest flexibility and customer focus by implementing the instruments and the development of suitable and exact solutions.

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