Project Controlling by BAAR Consulting

The project controller supports project management in planning and controlling of project activities to ensure the economical project succes. Basic instrument is the implementation of a Project Information System. The factors time base, costs/finances and quality will be situated to an optimal relation by means of a control loop from project data.

Operational acting project controlling
  • Ensures systematic use of project managing instruments
  • Guarantees on-time supply with control informations to executives and deciders
  • Accompanies the project continuously from pre-phase unto final costing
  • Makes transparency of all project-determining values: costs (expenses / budgets), output, time-line, risks
  • Integrates planning and monitoring of technical and time based project cycles and project ressources

Special tasks of project controller:
  • Recognising and forecast of operational project progress
  • Pro-active view of chances and risks
  • Installing a project information system
  • Calculation of target values and adjusting of budgets; analysing cash-flow in project and liquidity planning
  • Rolling project calculation / target-actual comparison
  • Detecting and suggestion of control values to project management, project supervision and client
  • Continuous communication of basic project values to all deciders of the project
  • Reporting: Collecting, preparing and editing of monthly reviews according to acceptors and target groups

The integrated view of technical performance, proceedings and costs is the core of project controlling with BAAR Consulting..

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