Consulting and coaching all-inclusive

The integrated consulting approach from BAAR Consulting directly combines continuous team development, coaching and advising of the project staff, closely connected with practical project proceedings. During all project phases - starting with initiiation and planning, continuing with processing and ending with termination - we support and coach

  • Project teams
  • Operational staff
  • Project controllers
  • Business economists and accounters
  • Chief project managers
  • Construction Managers

The efficiency and performance of a project organisation decisively depends on enthusiasm, creativity and engagement of your assciates. BAAR Consulting is thoroughly experienced in personnel coaching as an instrument to promote excellences from client´s staff and from project team as well Human Capital is considered as know-how-carrier and creates succes of your projects and your business. We support you with new ideas in optimal allocation, development and motivation of your staff members. We train, coach and encourage your staff directed to future oriented qualification, ensuring competitive advantages and increasement of added value. BAAR Consulting supports selected staff and leading managers during trainee and coaching phase continuously and in partnership. Qualifying of staff and the amount of personnel costs has an important influence on profitability of business. We regard human resources as a base for succes of your business.

Our focal points:

  • Coaching specialists and leading managers
  • Structural analyses of personnel department
  • Analyses of staff contentment
  • Promotion of performance atendance by positive motivation

Personell development in:

  • Supply / Purchase / Logistics
  • Technical ad economical project management
  • Controlling

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